Welcome to the Sun Damaged Skin Website

Most of us enjoy sitting in the sunshine – and there is evidence that sunlight can be good for us, helping the body to make Vitamin D that keeps our bones healthy1.  But, like many things in life, too much of a good thing can sometimes be harmful. Too much sun can damage the skin, and this may only start to become apparent later in life.

This website provides practical information to help you learn more about the commonest skin condition resulting from too much sun exposure – solar keratosis. It explains what it is, what causes the problem, and what you should do if you think you may be affected – all backed-up by the latest expert advice and up-to-date research evidence.

Information in the website will help you to spot when skin changes may be solar keratosis and gives you the unique opportunity to find out what a doctor looks for as you can ‘sit in’ on a consultation with a leading GP specialist in skin problems, Dr Stephen Kownacki, as he examines a patient and teaches them how to check their skin.

The good news is that effective treatment is available for solar keratosis – the key is to spot the problem early and see your doctor. You can also reduce your risk of solar keratosis by protecting your skin from excessive sun exposure.

Do you know what sun damaged skin looks like?